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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Words Could Describe it..~!

Yes.. I'm really tired
with assignments,
and people with attitude problem
(I'm not saying that my attitude is good)

Btw, I'm


Frustrated too..

But I'm

Chilling out..

The weather too..>.<>
As the title said it..
NO WORDS could describe what I'm feeling now

I believe is not just me..
with so little time we have to rush our assignments and presentation

So I expect there is a team work here
but is so hard to manage even a person

But lucky the problem just came from a person..
E and Me just don't want to mention it out

Because it might be a bigger misunderstanding
cause we know what would the reaction be

We just do our best as a "team"

There is so much frustration and disappointment

All I can do is do my best and pray hard..
God will do the rest


I really hope that realization will come to that person's sense
because if is confronted by friends
it would be that nice..

But it will be different approach if that person really take us a friends
we don't want her to be disliked

friends are not the one you know long time
but the one that all be there for when you're in need..
when you don't realize it..
when you needed the support.. we are there..!

~you know you love me~



  1. relax ya..
    this is life and always see god for help..
    i always face this when i was doing group work as well

  2. lolx..
    I know..>.<'''
    I said already ma..
    I'm chilling ad..



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