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Monday, April 12, 2010


I can't believe I'm starting my new blog with a sad mood..

Like what my post title..
I feel so suffocated..

I just don't understand why
why is this happen to me only?

where else the other does that..
maybe is because they don't know
about it..

I don't feel trusted by them
they say that I should tell them what I was actually doing on the computer..

what is this mean..??
I'm no different from a prisoner

where is the trust..??
last time they didn't mention it..

Is not that I want to despise them
but I feel is just too much..
They don't even know college life is like that..
why can't they be more understanding..

what they know is to take care of him

I really want a out

*Pray hard*

~you know you love me~


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