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Thursday, May 20, 2010

So FuNny CAn DiE WAn!

*Laugh, Laugh, Laugh*
That's what i did last night..
laugh non-stop..

Yesterday after work dear pick me up at LRT station,
have our dinner at Nando's Jaya One,

*the tix for the show and booklet for the entire show*
*more of it*

Dear and me went for this PJ Laugh Fest
they have few comedy act and comedy for theater..
but kids that enjoy all this is not left out..
there is comedy for kids too..

This PJ Laugh Fest took place at Jaya One from 30th of April till 30th of May 2010,
there is still time for you to watch it..

'Caught In The Middle Part IV'
was last night show,
It was so spontaneous for me,
they were so amazing with their talents,
I enjoyed every moment of it,

It was about everyday life of Chandrans and their family,
the Hamzahs, as they wade through landslides,
uncertain pulblic transport, the TakPandai Medical(last) Resort,
shopping malls and warungs ans the surreal landscape of local TV,
culminating in the realith-show: 'Who Wants to be a Politician?'

There are so much more,
worth to experience it yourself,
they are still on,
19th - 22th & 25th - 29th May, 8.30pm
22th & 29th May, 3.00pm
23th & 30th May, 5.00pm

Rating : 18PL
Admission : RM 70
Comedy Theater

Last but not least,
thanks to Nuffnang,
for this great opportunity to watch theater show with my dear,
as he always wanted to watch it,
thanks dear..=)

~you know you love me~


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