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Friday, June 25, 2010

Outing with ♥

went outing with Dear,
since more than a week haven't seen him..


Had our lunch at Sweet Chat then
went to Mid Valley to collect something..

And headed to the GSC,
to watch
'Knight and Day'


Starring Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz

Is a very funny show yet exciting,
with the running, shooting, and the chemistry..

Must watch it..

I rate it 7.5/10

After the movie,
dear wants to go to The Garden,
so we went..

Suddenly, Dear bought me a Domo kun @ Action City!
I was so happy..

Actually, since last year
dear said wanted to buy for me,
but I said 'is okay, we'll buy it next time'

This is like
OMG..!! he remembered..~~!!

We did a lil shopping @ Cotton On, Topshop and Topman

and Thanks to Dear's friend,
that inform us that Topshop is having sales for member..
started at 2pm

Then we chilled @ Starbucks @ The Garden
have a drink and cam-whoring.. =D

with Monster (our new Domo kun)

*me and Monster*


* Chocolate Cream Chips*

* Monster with Starbucks*

* Monster with Starbucks- again*

*me and Monster-again*

*Flippy and Monster first meeting*

*Flippy and Monster Cam-whoring*

*Monster is an additional to our lil family*

~you know you love me~



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