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Monday, June 7, 2010

Puppy Love

It was a normal Saturday,
I woke up early got ready and headed to Kepong Sentral,

Meet up with my dear and LEPAK..~~!!
so then we went to have a late breakfast at Damansara Jaya,
with dear's family too..

After filling up my small stomach,
we went to Tropicana City Mall,
walked around, look around..

In the sudden we saw puppies..~!!
I'm crazy for puppies!!

they are so cute and adorable..

Too bad that I couldn't adopt..
these puppies are stray dogs that are rescued..
given a second chance,

So asked some friends want to adopt or not,
at last there is!

so we help our friend to adopt and bring the pup to them..
heheh the lil pup so cute..
I just couldn't resist it..


There's more picture of lil pup,
but is not with me now..
will upload A.S.A.P..
this lil pup name is Faith

If you too, want to adopt puppies and give them a new life
visit Malaysia Dogs Deserve Better
or if you wish to volunteer to help out,
call this number : 03-7660 0363
for more information

~you know you love me~


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