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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toy Story 3 in 3D Movie Premiere

Thanks to Nuffnang,
& my dear bringing me along for the movie,

Venue: Mid Valley
Time: 9pm
Date: 14.06.2010

It was so awesome,
as this is my first time watching 3D movie premiere,

Toy Story 3-3D
and is it so exciting too..

Dear & me reached at Mid Valley @ around 7.15pm,
we walked around to let the time pass,

At 8pm, Dear collected the tickets,
and we went to have a lil food before the movie,

Dinner at Sushi King,
hehe, lovely dinner,

and around 8.50pm went in the cinema,
saw Fourfeetnine and Tim too,

Dear saw some few blogger he knows,
actually me was finding Baboon..~~!!

But, no worries anymore!
cuz we exchanged our numbers..!


moving on,

the preview.. I didn't regret watching Toy Story 3..!
it was so nice, exciting, & etc,

I was tearing when they nearly got burned..
*yes! me! TEARING..!*


*to Sunnyside*

*at Sunnyside*

*meeting the new toys*

*Woody with new friends* =)

*figure it out what they are trying to do*

I'll rate it a 8/10

Not going to talk much and spoil the fun,
So guys and gals,
go watch it today..!

is in cinema TODAY onwards,
enjoy in people..^^

nang me if you love it..

~you know you love me~



  1. Totally a great movie, there was also tears when i was watching this movie T.T

  2. hahah yaya..~~ =) is really an awesome movie..!!!


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