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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party-y-y..! (Part 1)

Thanks to Nuffnang,
and friends,
I had a great time at the event..!

Date: 24th July 2010
Time: 6pm to 10pm

Venue: Neutral Club, KL

*cam whoring- my make up for the event*

Although, is kinda a last minute decision,
thanks to my parents to drive me there too..!


*at Neutral Club- my sun glasses to cover my make up.. >.<*

I arrived at Neutral Club a little bit early,
I was shy either..=.='''

because I was a newbie as I saw a lot famous blogger there..

This event is conjunction with the launch of LG Cookie Phones
It's officially launched..!

There I met up with Jackie Loi, Henry aka Baboon, and Cayenne Lim..
Is was so much fun..~~ =)

Henry & Jackie

Me & Cayenne

Meet some new Blogger..! =D

Chloe and Me~

Hooi Nee, Chloe, & me

Hooi Nee & Justin

Nicholas Chay & Hooi Nee

Wern, Cayenne, & Nicole

Chloe, DD & Qiefly

Qiefly, Cayenne, Me & DD

Wilee Tee & Coco

Two pretty Monsters, Tzia & Adele


My Food~ =D

Me and Niki Cheong

Me & Kenny Sia, Our Mc of the night

Bloggers with their camera- wondering why..??

This is why..=D
pretty Nuffies dancing the Wonder Girls- Nobody

-Part 2 of LG Cookie Monster Party coming soon-
Stay tune..!

~you know you love me~



  1. tat 2 pretty monster are adele and tzia

  2. yup yup.. was finding for their blog..=)


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