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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Movie Screening of Inception @ GSC Mid Valley

Thanks to Nuffnang,
I stand a chance to watch the premiere of Inception..

Here is m post on Inception <---- click

Date: 14.07.2010

Venue: Mid Valley
Time: 9.30pm

Having class on that day..
and raining heavily..

meet Dear at Mid Valley,
had our dinner before the movie @ Carl's Jr

was a bit late for the show..

and met with Henry@Baboon Tan

It was an awesome show..!

I could not believe that anyone would ever thought of this idea for a movie..

Thumbs up..!
First time in my life,
I pay 100% of my attention on the movie,
I think Inception really got whole of me!

This show is about dreams can be place of your dream..!

you can build whatever structure of building in your dream,
how awesome is that?

The best part is..
you can find someone's secret through their dreams..
all you you need is to trick them,

The next awesome thing is you can dream within a dream,
but it could be dangerous if died in the third layer of dream,
which brings you to a world of your creation..

Love curiosity?
Love new ideas?

Inception is the one to watch it..! usual I wouldn't want to spoil the fun
go watch it people..~~
is on cinema today onwards..^^

I rate it a 9.5/10

~you know you love me~


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