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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Shouldn't....


Is nearly a month that I did not blog about anything,
This is because due to the lousy internet connection,
which I couldn't online peacefully..

When I'm not in the cyber world,
my life is pretty normal,
my final exam now is in the past,
new semester started,
staying at home (NOT a good idea),
missing my friends ( so long did not meet up and yamcha already)
*must make time already*
having fun with my babes and dudes,
last but not least of coz..
spending time with my dear..

Since one month I did not meet up with him,
due to my exam..

Started my new semester yesterday,
I can see that I'll will *kinda* suffer through this semester,
because I got three days of classes in a week,
The best part is the class started at 8.45AM...~~!!!


But first day of the semester was not too bad,
except that my eyes are closing,
and ready to dose off..

During the break time,
there's where all of us gets HYPER..~~!!
updating each other,
and just having fun..~~

Today hang out with my dear @ One Utama,
when to buy my stuff,
and just spending quality time together..

When puasa started,
so as the cozy weather..!!
*me likey*

is so much better than before,
which can die because the heat..

that's all..(pretty much)
hope that I'll get through this semester with a awesome experience..^^

*and of coz hoping my life is not as suck like now..!*

stay tune..!

~you know you love me~


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