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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holiday Mood Is So On..

-DAY 1-

means STUDY mood is O.F.F


My family and Me
+ my sis's bf (Daniel Lee)
+ my dear (Adrian Ng)

Went for a relaxing trip to Kuantan, Pahang..
Is a three days two nights trip,

On 10th Sept,
I woke up at 6.15am
wash up,
check my 'check list' so that I didn't leave anything..
(my usual habit)

After that,
waiting for my sis and her bf,
I watched tv..

At 8am,
we leave the house,
to pick up dear..

It took exactly 30mins to reach..=p
hehe dear was already waiting for us..
we headed to Sri Gombak (last time I stayed there)
for breakfast..
*no picture taken cuz it was so chill & I was freezing*

The journey starts..
reach Kuantan @ 12pm,
Had our lunch at Hoo Seng Restaurant,
Ba Kut Teh for lunch..

And it was still early because the check in time was at 3pm,
so we went to Mega Mall (next to M.S Garden Hotel)
Nothing had change since the last time my family and I went..

We checked in,
and had some rest after all we wake up so early,
Dear, my bro and me shared a room,
my parents shared a room,
& my sis and her bf shared a room,
my sis, her bf, my bro, dear and me plays card over at my room..

and we went for a short swim and headed to the beach,
the weather was not that sunny..
I guess my sun block is not necessary..=p

Dinner @ Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant
Lot 7695 & 7696,
Jln Kubang Buaya Off Jalan Beserah,
25300 Kuantan,
Tel: 09-568 0720/016-952 7811

Open from 5pm-12 am (Mon-Sun)

(intro by my dear)
I can see it must be very tasty,
there are lotz of local there,
and is so many people,
you have to wait,
or do an early reservation..

*the group ^^*

*Kangkung Belacan*

*Mixed Vegie*

*Lemon Chicken*

*Mantis Prawn-nai yau har*

*Asam Fish*


It was not expensive too,
price is very reasonable..
it only cost us RM98

*back from dinner- @lobby*

At night,
*although is not CNY, we still have fun*

*dear playing with the ISO*

*trying to beat the speed*

*I look like a ghost*

*they are helping dear to disturb me* =(

Enjoy people..! Stay Tune..! ^^

~you know you love me~



  1. love your fireworks pictures :D nice

  2. Hey,sandy!Still on holiday mood?=)

  3. heheh kinda.. few assignment is already in my hand.. but still got no mood to do..>.<


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