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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hugs & Kisses~~ xoxo

Yesterday was an awesome day..!

This is my third semester,
finish my class at 11.30am,
haha is really that early~~

My babes and me headed to Pavilion,
I was a lil disappointed,
because we all wanted to watch 'Step Up 3D',
but the timing was out for us..

Therefore, we all agree on watching 'Grown Ups',
it was one hilarious movie..!

Lucky in the cinema,
those people that were watching with us was as crazy as us..
laughing non-stop,

But I don't know why some people practice bad habits in the cinema,
example: putting the legs on top on the front seat,
is like WHAT..??!!

We just laugh continuously..
till the show ended..

To my readers and friends out there,
if you love comedy,
love Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Bob Schneiber & David Spade..
Then this the movie to watch it..~

I rate it at 6.5/10

Wen Ni, Vanesan(Birthday Girl), Evelyn, Me & Mariah a.k.a Marie a.k.a Datin

After the show is cam whoring time..~~!!
Let the show begin..~~

*force to do.. XD*

*let's GLEE..~ L*

*wow..! two signature pose? AWESOME..~~ *

Photo: Mariah (thanks!)
Edit: SandyRyan

Ps: I had so much fun and laughing time despite I nearly lost my wallet..>.<''
Thank God is found and only $10 was gone..~~

Enjoy it~
Stay tune!

~you know you love me~



  1. i had lots of fun hanging out with u guys too.....hope to have more outing and cam whoring section with u n the babes soon <3

  2. nice pics' edit~
    <3 it...
    well, it's a nice outing with you guys...
    hope we can do that again~
    and guess what~
    I <3 being your model...

  3. grown up nice?
    I'm so gonna watch it then :D


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