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Friday, September 17, 2010

We Are Stepping Up In 3D

Just one day before Hari Raya,
which will be the last day of puasa..

I went meet dear in the late mo
we wanted to watch Step Up 3D,
because we both love dancing a alot..

Before the show,

we had out brunch at Dave Deli..

Step Up 3D was so awesome..~~!!

I enjoyed myself through the movie,
so as dear..

Credit to the amazing dance moves, and awesome songs played in the movie,
it feels like music + dance = life

After the show ended,
it makes me think and recapture the moment when I was still in high school,
I had a bunch of friends that we usually dance together,
perform together..

Memories..~ Memories..~
I started to miss dancing a lot,

without any notice,
it has be 2 years,

since the last time I was dancing..

How I wish I'm back to dancing,
I feel like stone now,
not flexible anymore,


No matter you are a dancer or not,
This movie is to die for,
it shows how dance changes a person's life and perspective on life..

I rate this 8.5/10

Ps: thanks dear for a wonderful day..

~you know you love me~



  1. My friends and brother recommend me to watch it, but I haven't.


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