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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Should End This Now..!

Let's us end this now..~~!

I miss blogging so much~
assignments makes me so busy lately..

I've neglected my baby..(blog)

and now here I am..

Sparing sometime to blog of my few pasted events..

Date: 30th September 2010
Venue: Pavilion KL
-Babes Outing-

-Hear no evil, See no evil & Speaks no evil-

Date: 2nd October 2010
Venue: Luna Bar
-Celebration of Amazing Skin with Vaseline Party-

Thanks to Nuffnang for the great experiance..
Thanks to my dear, Adrian for being my partner for the event..

Met new friends and bloggers

-Registration counter-

-Complimentary from Vaseline-

-Hooi Nee, Jason & me-

-The stage-

-Adrian, Hooi Nee & Jason-

-Bloggers were chilling before the event starts-

-Game session--> winner gets Topshop and Spa voucher-

-Game session--> winner gets Topshop and Spa voucher-

-Jojo & Me-

-Nominees of best skin-

-Shannon, Jojo & me-
By ShaolinTiger

-Yuna & me-

-Yuna & Liki-

-Yuna & Jason-

-Adrian & Yuna-

-ShaolinTiger & Me-

-ShaolinTiger & Yvonne-

-Yvonne, Jojo & Me-

-Feeq & me-

-Part of the group pic-

-Timothy @ boss & Me-

-Michelle, the pretty nuffie & Me-

-Michelle & Adrian-

-Liki, pretty & smart blogger & me-

-Group Picture-
By Feeq

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