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Thursday, December 16, 2010

OMG~~ >.<''' ♥♥♥

First and for most,
I would like to say

to all my dearest reader, viewer, pass by-er, and so on..

*I know you all are out there somewhere.. hahah*

I know..
is been a month that I've
is not fun..
Mua miss blogging alot~~

and the most!
I miss YOU!!
yeah YOU!!


After my last post which is this---> Click here

I have not so actively online,
so you all know I had my finals early December,
I got to study..
>.<''' Which is so not me~~ I dislike to study unless the subject is interesting or is taught by someone is handsome or pretty!
*I think everyone can agree on that.. ~wink~*


Oh well,
after the prom night,
things kinda make me blur about the direction I'm heading,

"Who cares, if you're in my way?
I can get rid of you easily,
You know what you did,
But I'm not doing anything,
I do believe in Karma baby.."

-you know you love me-

I'm so glad that finals is so over!
really needed a break from all the theory and formula..

Both of my babes
M/Khloe and W/Kourtney

Happy Birthday to M,
she turns 19
on 3rd December!

This Saturday..
Happy Birthday to W,

she turns 19
on 18th December!

On the last day of my finals
which is on 11th December!


E/Kendell have to rush back to hometown,
and V/Kylie have to go home *she always the most good gal*

my lovely Kourtney are heading to Mid Valley~~
*ehem ehem*
will let you know why after I get permission to say it here!

to enjoy myself,
I and Khloe head off to our second home!

*wipe tears*

we miss P alot!
we did some window shopping..
and decided to get something from Cotton On~~

Khloe bought a bunch cool bangles~!!
only at RM 15!!
*so sad my wrist could not fit it*
So, I got myself a key necklace..
*which can fit me..hahahahha!*
also only RM15
(actually is RM 29, but if you purchase anything and can get it for RM 15)


*cam whore vibes below*


whenever my babes' around
there will be always
_juicy story_
_cam whore vibe_

Last but not least,
I MISS MY DEAR alot~~!!!

Have not seen him for 3weeks already~~
>.<''' but no worries, will be SEEING THIS WEEKENDS~~!!
or TODAY~~
will have a blast time!!


*I've draft this post on 16th Dec, due to poor internet connection, I've to delay it..sorry again peep!*
now finally my post is done and can be posted..
now is already 12.50am ---> 18th dec..

Enjoy People!
Stay Tune!

~you know you love me~


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