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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why Women Cry When They Get Stressed

There are many reason why women cry- including to cleanse the eyes and as an emotional device- but it has been proven that crying is a stress-reducer.

Chemical analysis of tears reveals that stress tears, those that roll down the cheek, contain different proteins from those used for eye cleansing.

The body appears to use this function to clear stress toxins from the body. This explain why women say they feel much better after a 'good cry', even when there appears to be no real reason for crying.

Tears also contain endorphins, one of the body's natural painkillers, which act as a damper to emotional pain.

Suddenly got the urge to write this here and share it..
for girls, ladies, and women out there are question about this..
hope this small part of the whole book can unlock a part of your questions..


I got this some a book,
which I forget what book, where I got it, but I remember I took a picture of this passage from the book back in June 2009..

*I know.. is long long time ago..~~*
Wish I could remember the book,
it will be useful.. ^^

Enjoy People!
Stay Tune!

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