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Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Year, New Semester, & New Outing..~~!!


Hey people,
my lovely reader,
my fans,


Update for the month of JANUARY 2011,
I got my timetable for my new semester,
Starts my semester 4 ( Yr 2, Sem 1)

having class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday..


This semester started not so bad as I thought of,
yeah.. need time to get use to it,
after a "long semester" break we had last year..

The best part of having college reopen is,

get to catch up with all my friends~~

*Happy mood- ON*

Because during holiday catching up with them is on our beloved site

that kept us connected..
No matter how long we din hang out, meet each other, didn't contact each other.. But we are still "FRIENDS"
you all my babes and dudes..

My friends are one of the motivator in my life,
I can say that again..
because is true..!

* haha~~ yesterday in OB class (organizational behavior)
learn that but we already know.. WOOT ! *

On 7th January 2011,

first official outing in 2011..!
Sushi Zanmai @ Fahrenheit 88
Lunch with my babes..

Mua and Mariah

Evelyn and Mariah

Wen Ni, Evelyn, Shakila and Mariah

Shakila and Evelyn

Mua, Shakila and Evelyn

Mariah and Wen Ni




On 12th January 2011,
California Pizza Kitchen @ Fahrenheit 88

Lunch with babes..

Mariah and Mua

Wen Ni and her boy boy, Arix

Mua and Evelyn

On 28th January 2011,
Pizza Hut @ Pavilion KL
Lunch with my babes..


Wen Ni and Mariah

Mua, Evelyn, Wen Ni, Shakila and Mariah


Chinese New Year is around the corner,
is here soon..~~

So have you guys prepared for this holiday celebration?
I bet some of you are already done
and some of you guys are still preparing..

In any how,
hope everyone out there are having a great time with family members, friends and loves one..

Play hard, play safe!

Enjoy People!
Stay Tune!

~you know you love me~


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