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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday To You

I'm back with the MOST LATEST update

for my lovely blog here..

I know I've be so busy lately,
with assignments,
love one,
and so on..

I'm truly missing blogging so much!
So I'm trying my very best to be more active..

So yeah!
back to the point I'm blogging,
which is UPDATES for you all, peeps!



My babes and Arix decided to celebrate Terrence's 21st Birthday,
Arix and Terrence, both of them are very close friends,
they are like BROTHERS~

We had a small lunch birthday celebration,
at Pizza Hut @ Pavilion..

*Us at Pizza Hut @ Pavilion*

We had awesome time,
filled with opinions, ideas, sharing, and of course

All I know is that I'm crazy that day,
being so hyper
*I don't know why*

Take a peek here.. ~

*the Birthday cake from Just Heaven*

*The birthday boy, Terrence*



*Wen Ni & Mariah*

*Evelyn & Mua*

*Arix and Wen Ni*

*Mariah, Arix & Wen Ni*

*Evelyn & Mua*

*Mariah & Wen NI*

Ps: Hope that everyone had tons of fun~
Because I had.. ^^

Stay tune!
Enjoy people!

~you know you love me~


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