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Thursday, June 23, 2011


It has been awhile~
Hello L o V e S~

How's the lovely month of June
doing to you?

Is almost end of June~
This month has been interesting month
for me~

Assignment~ and more assignments
thus, presentation as well..
the first half of June is okay to me~

The awesome part started on 14th of June,
I've a awesome outing with my babes~
@Carmen and @Tiffany

We hangout at the Curve,
had our lunchie
@ Manhattan Fish Market
& watch SUPER 8

My score for Super 8 is

It was a lot of laughing session in our lil talk~
from studies to whatever is in our mind~

On 15th of June,
I went to an interview,
which made me so nervous!
I can feel butterflies in my stomach,
my palm sweating~
but I made it thru~

I'm in S.E.C now!
First time joining them in weekly meeting,
and it was like so awesome..
but I got ALOT to LEARN!

Later I have to rush back to Kepong and my babe @Carmen
drove to Curve~
Had a simple dinner which is IKEA hotdog and curry puff!
I know is like *whatever*
But I feel like heaven!
I just love the hotdog and curry puff so muchie!

At 9.15pm,
Thanks to Nuffnang~
I got to watch GREEN LANTERN
one day before it released!
Treat my babe, @Carmen as a pre birthday present..

My score for Green Lantern is

At 16th June,
went to One Utama with dear,
have a movie date,
since it has been more than 2months,
we din really hangout~

we watched KUNGFU PANDA 2..
and lunchie at Sushi Zanmai~

My score for Kung Fu Panda 2 is

On 17th June,
movie with babes,
@wen ni, @evelyn, @mei shan, and @sylvie
watch horror movie ---> LADDA LAND
is a Thai show~
it was an awesome experience
watch horror movie with my babes!

My score for Ladda Land is

I don't really know how to rate a horror movie
but I rate it according to the plot of the movie~

Short &

hope you all enjoy~

Enjoy people!
stay tune!

~you know you love me~


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