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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Art ♥

Short update for ya..
In Business Management class now..~

My lovely work of art~

My babe @ Wen Ni ask to paint her nails~
I'm happy with the outcome,
will post more~

The process:
color you need is actually up your own choice..
For mine is PINK [code: PK 109] from The Face Shop,
RED [code: No. 14 Chilli Red] from Elianto,
and DARK PURPLE [code: No. 12 Astounding] from Stage

Here is mua!
sorry cant really see my nails~


I guess you all get the idea of doing it~
is simple and easy~

apply the PINK color then the RED and lastly DARK PURPLE

Actually got my inspiration from someone~
sorry din have the picture..

So yeah!
Have a T.G.I.F!

Do let me know if you like it~
Appreciate it a lot!

Enjoy People!
Stay Tune!

~you know you love me~


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