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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011 @ Padang Astaka, PJ

Hello L o V e S,

I'm back again!
I've been lazy and not feeling well,
My immune system breakdown!
Hated that a lot!

No worries..
I'm on the journey to recovery!

By the way,
sorry for the late updates again..
so without any delay

The event was held at Padang Astaka, PJ
on 16th July 2011
which is a walking distance from Asia Jaya LRT station..
*I know cause I did WALK there ;)*
*evil laugh*

The awesome part of this event is
you can party all day long, babeh!
Is a 12 hours of awesome fun~
The event starts at 12 noon to 12 midnight..
*isn't that awesome or what?*

There were lotz of shopping happening all around,
as there were lotz of vendors from different blogshop
that sells different styles
to SMOKING HOT dresses

You name it,
they got it!

There are PERFORMANCES from local bands that entertains us,
TALKS from artist
*sorry not very clear with that cause I din went for it ;P*
And of cause
what we as Malaysian loves to have
and lotz more!

I didn't get to be there the whole day due other plans~
I was there from 3pm to 5pm
It was one warm & humid day

Thanks to Chic Yamada for the pair of tickets!
Thanks dear for accompanying me there..

Saw Jiayeen, Henry Lee, and Jeremy Choy
my church friends,
and more!

Taken not much picture on the event
Hopefully it can

Now lets the photo do the talking

#the entrance

#awesome painting! opps is it graffiti?

#people getting their wrist band

#pestle & mortar

#nice and casual t-shirts!

#adrian and henry golding

#henry golding and me! he's cute! ;)

#saw sarah and jan wong! =)

#the pretty megan tan and adrian

#pestle and mortar

#one of the many vendors ;p

#seriously I like this! dunno why =.=

#people shopping and having awesome time~

#more nice graffiti~

#the crowd at the field

#makan and chit chat time ;)

#my silly face ;p

#weee~ looking at accessories ;)

#the silly me again ;D

#adrian's turn~

#more and more people is here!

#adrian's new t-shirt


#taken by sandyryan ;)

There is all the pic~
really sad because didn't take lotz of pic!

So yeah!
hope you guys have a nice time
reading my post~
do give me feedback to improve my writing

Enjoy people!
Stay tune!


~you know you love me~

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