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Friday, October 7, 2011

Back For More

Hey L o V e S !

Is been a month a stress and more stress
during the month of September..

The whole month I'm been locking myself up
and "preparing" for final exam..

Yup !
Exam are over
so as my holidays

was kinda glad to be back to college and all..

Missing my babes and dudes
cuz they make my day more fun, learning from each other,
debating, laughing, and so much more..

Saddest part is some of us are not having the same class,
some are busy with work..

but MISSING you all..

It won't feel the same anymore

But I'm always happy when I think back those moment we all shared
It was a moment that even money can't buy it..

We shall have some catching up moments !!

So yeah,
life is full of surprises
you can't tell what's coming the next moment

I feel sometimes I'm so trap at one stage of my life,
where I have "report" my location,
what am I doing,
all sort of reporting..

I'll tell what I feel I feel is important to inform
not everything..

I'm human too !
have privacy
so please !
Respect that !

That's what I'm asking,
I still have my life,
I don't like to be stagnant and not moving forward
then what is life about?

I'm just 20,
I've alot more to see,
to explore,
to learn,
fall and get back up..

If I have to be a "bad person"
to have what I wanna achieve in life..

Then so be it !
I'm so sick and tired with all the lectures and talks
I'm capable of making choices,
I know what am I doing..

Everyone has their limit of not saying what they feel,
because they don't want to cause any issue

we all are human that have emotions,

Why always expect me to understand your position,
but why can't you understand my position..


I feel so lost and blur..
need to find myself back !

Today is TGIF
so yeah,
I know you all are out hanging out with friends,

So yeah,
party hard and always be safe

have a great weekend ya'll

Enjoy people
Stay tune


~you know you love me~

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