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Friday, November 25, 2011

Puss In Boots

Hey mes amours

How's your week been?
My is a bitter sweet week

My class has ended this week on Tuesday
and my nightmare is around the corner

And is in the month of December
which is a month of enjoyment, celebration, holiday season,
and the last precious month of the year 2011

Oh well,
Let go back to the title above

Thanks to Cruisers for Puss in Boots movie tickets
It was an awesome timing,
where I was around Mutiara Damansara
and they were at Kota Damasara

Thanks to Adrian for accompanying me to the movie
@GSC One Utama

Puss In Boots

I promise I wont be a spoiler,
I'm sure a lot people had watch it already..

This time the focus is on Puss in Boots
as you all know Puss is from Shrek

Here is a familiar look we also wanting to see from Puss in Boots

No one can resist this look
#can you?

The sensitive side of Puss in Boots
#story telling

Young Humpty 'Alexander' Dumpty & Puss in Boots

Fluffy paw?

The fluffy paw is Kitty Softpaw

Jack & Jill
#the not so nice version of them

Humpty Alexander Dumpty
#awesome & fancy name for an egg

The shocking LOOK from the trio
#watch it to know

Look out for this cat above
another epic scene

I rate this movie 6.5/10

Is a nice movie for family because is not only for kids,
which I believe adults will enjoy it too..

I LMAO though the whole movie

Hope you all will have a great time watching

Happy TGIF to ya'll
L o V e S


~you know you love me~

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