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Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Year's Eve

Hey Hey,
Bonjour mes amour

Today was my first day on my final exam
Moral Studies
I know~

On Tuesday ( 6.12.2011)
My brother and me won tickets for


At e@Curve,
Cathay Cineleisure

New Year's Eve is a sequel of Valentine's Day
#if you guys remember

It is a all star movie
featuring many many well known actors/actress/singers

-Ashton Kutcher-
-Robert De Niro-
-Katherine Heigl-
-Josh Duhamel-
-Carla Gugino-
-Zac Efron-
-Abigial Breslin-
-Jessica Biel-
-Sofia Vergara-
-Lea Michele-
-Michelle Pfeiffer-
-Sarah Jessica Parker-
-Jake T. Austin-
-Bon Jovi-
-Ryan Seacrest-
-Russell Peters-
many more.......

I, personally suggest you all go watch this movie
because it is meaningful yet hilarious

Again, I will say this
"I wont be a movie spoiler"

So guys, don't say this is a "chic flick" movie
because IT IS SO NOT

I really enjoyed myself and in the cinema everyone had their LMAO
but for me is a LMFAO time

Is on cinema today
Get up from the seat and go go go


#the New Year's Eve movie tickets

#A little more for ya'll

#Tall Christmas tree right in front of e@Curve

Christmas is around the corner ya'll
Have you all prepared for the special holiday of the month?

This month is the most exciting month for me,
as is it my final exam month

Is the "WHOLE MONTH" holiday time~
where you can see all the school kids everywhere you look~

This is the month where family & friends gathers
to have Christmas party..

Last but not least,
and also all the Dec babies

Have a great remaining weekdays


~you know you love me~

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