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Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Over And Moving On


Yup, I'm screaming & shouting in JOY

when exam is over,
you feel the joy and excitement in your eyes..

I do feel and look ( I think) the joy,
I don't seem to digest the feeling,
and by not studying, I feel awkward and felt something is not done

Yeah, I guess I just don't want the year end so fast,
Time flies during my SPM year and it has been a full speed ahead..

This year has been ( I can say) awesome,
In this month, we don't only enjoy the celebrations, holidays, and those festive but somehow somewhere,
deep down in us,
we do take the time to reflect on how 2011 has treated us,
what's ours ups and downs..

We must always cherish our success/triumphs,
We must also learn from our missteps/failures,
Because that's what made us who we are today,
Learn to be a better person in 2012

I always believe in making a "Resolution" list every year,
I've always excited to make one but eventually the excitement just fade as we enter a new year..

The solution to it is:-
1. make simple but significant resolutions
2. your resolutions must be meaningful
3. stick your resolution list on your mirror *I'm sure you'll look at it*
4. lastly, make sure your resolution goals are achievable

There is few tips for ya'll
*Hopefully it works on you too*

Oh well,
is early in the morning
9 more days to Christmas
15 more days to New Year Eve

So many things to do in so little time
I can get it all done before time runs out

will continue my story in my next post,
just maybe, cause I don't wanna bored you
is almost end of 2011,
so yeah,
get a little sentimental

Hope you all will enjoy your Friday,
as the weekend is just one day away,
TGIF mes amours

Here a song for you to listen
and be insanely in love with it like me

Bonne Nuit Mes Amours

With L o V e S


~you know you love me~


  1. Finally exam is over ya. Now you can get a rest for a moment liao....

  2. LOL yup~ ^^ and also spring cleaning.. hahah :p


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