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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Hey Mes Amours,

Last week is THE WEEK for
#which includes ME/MUA/I

I have been waiting for this moment for so so so long,
Firstly, is because I don't want to read the book,
I just love the suspend and curiosity when I'm watching the movie

Secondly, I'm waiting for the most awesome part,
Edward and Bella's wedding

If you're a female,
you'll understand why

I went to watch it with my girlfriend, Carmen
on the day itself,
in cinema

I just couldn't sit still because of the suspend & the excitement
oh well,
I just describe my feelings with words

#Opening of the movie with this awesome-body Jacob Black

#Bella preparing for her wedding with the help of Alice & Rose Cullen

#Walking down the aisle

#Edward waiting for his beautiful bride, Bella

#You may kiss the bride

#Madly in love with Bella's wedding dress
#photo credit to Galaxieblog

#Their honeymoon at Rio de Janeiro

It only take few months for a baby Vampire-Human to be born
Towards Bella's labour pain kicks in,
I just couldn't watch it because is so so hurtful,
the baby is particularly killing Bella from inside out

No more being movie spoiler for those haven't watch it,
Is a nice show,
To all Twilight Saga fans

without realizing tomorrow is Friday already,
Time flies,
Enjoy all the moment you have

Pray for me
Having finalz next two weeks

Have a great remaining weekdays


~you know you love me~

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