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Thursday, December 22, 2011

When Hyperness Meets Sarcasm

Hey ya'll

Giving some L o V e S to all of you

Christmas is in another 3 more days
Are you ready for the awesome festive?
My festive excitement kicks on 20th December

After all,
is a holiday season,
I'm done with my finalz,
& is time to chillax a little
with my babes and dude

I'm very happy that I have awesome people to share the month of December with me,
because my babe Mariah, WenNi, & Kok Hong shares the joy with me

So this year,
I got this awesome mosome idea,
where all the December babies & babes,
have an gathering before we all are busy with this month

So Yeah~
Bla Bla Bla

Met up with Mizz E (Evelyn) & went to Pavilion with her
to find Mizz V (Vanesan) which is already waiting for us

#Mua, Mizz V, & Mizz E

#My presie from Mizz V
#lovin' it

#Mizz W (WenNi) join us later on
#Don't she look sexylicious *wink*

#More camwhore session while waiting for Mizz M (Mariah)

#CuTe Mizz E

#A Lil Vain picture of Mua

#Mua & My Lil Hush Puppy
#Thanks to Mizz E's idea

#3 Beautiful ladies with Mua

#Alright here is another one
#LOL #Vain #Waiting


#Mizz M is HERE

#Reflection #ChristmasDeco #Pavilion

#Movie with babes
I guess you all already know what show we watched

"Alvin and The Chipmunks 3"
#They are on the holiday mood too

#My Fabulousity & Sexylicious babe

#My dude is here
He's a Dec baby too
*It's been awhile I saw him*

#Lil Pup & Mua
#Did you notice something is different about me?

I'm wearing another dress
#is my birthday present from my Mizz M

*Sorry Mizz E, can't wait any longer*

#My Dec babies babe
#Always fabulous & pretty

#The thorn among the roses
#Lucky man

#Mizz M

#One Love

#Let's Unite for World Peace

How I wish time could just freeze on Monday
I'm deeply thank God for everything

It was an awesome mosome day with people I love

When I reached,
feeling tired, happy, a lil sad,
but after all,

I didn't know that present can have a secret hidding
I found another present within my present...


I'm still smilling whenever I flash back

Thank you all so muchie
20th Dec 2011 is the highlight throughout all the awesome mosome time we had

Having you all in my life is been a blessing,
I've learn and grow with you all..
You guys ROCKS


PS: Alvin and The Chipmunks 3 is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S
They are CUTE,

Go watch it
Enjoy this festive season with your love ones

It been a blessing..
I'll cherish all the triumphs,
I'll learn from my missteps..

Enjoy peeps during this holiday season


~you know you love me~

1 comment:

  1. walao ~ ~ ~ nice leehhh !!! <3
    you're welcome !!!
    but i thought i wrote "PLEASE! DO NOT OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS" ???
    ish ish ish ~
    anyway, hope you like it ! ^_^v


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