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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Absolut Vodka Tower Launch at Ecoba, PJ Trade Centre

Hey Mes Amours
Mama is back for more !

I'm so excited by just thinking about Tuesday event,
Yes !
Now is available

#1 The Stage

Time: 7pm to 10pm
Date: 17th January 2012
Venue: Ecoba @ PJ Trade Centre

Thanks to Don for the invitation !

#2 Doll up for the event

I thought I will be late for it because the registration starts at 6.30pm,
Reached Ecoba almost 7pm,
I was feeling a little bit nervous,
because I've not attend much events lately..

Lucky, I can bring 3 guests with me !
Brought Adrian & my babe, Carmen along

#3 Got this band before we enter Ecoba

Capture a lil photo while waiting for other blogger friends to arrive..



#6 My babe, Valerie is here with her look-a-like girlfriend, Li Yin !
I thought they were sisters at first

As the event started..
All invited bloggers had their hand on to mix their own Absolute Tower !

#7 Michael get to be first blogger to mix his own Absolut Tower

#8 Next blogger was Valerie, third is Mua ;)

 #9 Ariel got her turn 

Pictures with our towers...



#12 Li Yin, Valerie, Mua, Ariel, & Carmen
Valerie's Tower - Vodka + Orange + Cranberry + Lime (Tropical Flavor)
Ariel's Tower - Vodka + Lime (Sourish Flavor)
My Tower -  Vodka + Lime + Cranberry (Sweety sourish Flavor)

#13 Three tower to ourselves in one table

Prizes to be won during the game session~

#14 With my complete puzzle -ABSOLUT-
#Photo Credit to Nelson

#15 Valerie with her puzzle 

One more thing that made me nervous,
when I got to know that Michelle Ooi a.k.a Michiekins herself is attending the event !

I was like "OMG I got to meet her in person.. FINALLY"

Is a pleasure meeting her,
she's very sweet & she recognized me

Love reading her blog
- KINS -

#16 Brigette, Michelle, Jasiminne & Mua

#17 Girls with our cheers

#18 Chit chat & time to mingle

 #19 Ariel & Mua

#20 My prize is inside this red packet

#21 I won a tower?!

Unfortunately, there has been a mix up with the prizes..
so yeah,
the actual prize was I can come back to Ecoba for a tower for free~

However, I got to have another option of prize..
I got myself a mixer set in a bag from Absolut

#22 The mixer set in a bag

#23 Credit to Ariel

#24 Guess what?
Josiah Mizukami (actor, host, model) joined us later on..
Ariel, Don, Josiah, Mua, Valerie, Li Yin, Freda (friend of Valerie)



#27 Thorn among the roses
Li Yin. Valerie, Don, Ariel & Mua

#28 Beautiful Zana from Miss Malaysia Universe

#29 Nelson & Mua
-good to see you-

#30 Nelson & Girls



#33 My drunken tipsy face 
I'm still good to go for second round~

#34 Went to OverTime @ Sunway Giza with Valerie, Adrian, Li Yin, Freda & few more friends

I'm glad I got invited because is has been a good exposure, meet new people, socialize skills can be polished, learnt new things..
I love it

My experience with Absolut has been awesome to the max~
Sounds good?
Go get yourself a tower,
get some friends during this festive season
Chinese New Year

PS: always remember~


Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow friends who are celebrating,
Happy holiday to all non-Chinese friends..

Have a great weekends

With much L o V e S,                                            
~you know you love me~


  1. Those Absolut Vodka drink "towers" are amazing... love it!

  2. yeah! :) first liquor that have tower :D


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