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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year With A Big Bang

It's 2012
L o V e S

I'm gonna update few things at once in a post,
with some pictures

-Christmas Day-

Have two parties to attend
I had my own little Christmas gathering with my families & relatives..
It has been a while since we all gathered together

Meet some of cousins, nephew, niece & more kids to play with..
When over to Kepong to meet up with Adrian,
#MissedTheParty #Kinda

#1 picture with Stanley Lim
-He's so cute & adorable-

 #2 Presents I got for Christmas + Birthday
-Is the thoughts that counts-

#3 When for a day trip to the Historical state
*My dead tired look*

It was awesome trip,
it has been a while since I've been there the last time,
never gets tired of Jonker Street,
 Where food & beverages, shopping, arts & craft  
all at one place

Thanks God it was a nice & windy day,
not sunny & warm..

-NYE @ Ma Birthday-

It's time to party like is 2012
I'm not so into celebrating birthday much of a person but with awesome friends around it's AWESOME MOSOME

Did my lil early birthday celebration with my Dec babes
on my previous post ---> HERE

#4 Outfit of the day 


#5 Drinking session at Museum @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

#6 I look like a drunken biatch blur girl

#7 Party people

  #8 Fireworks 

-Weekend Getaway-

Went to Swiss Garden Resort & Spa
on the weekend
~7.01.2012 - 8.01.2012~

#9 Swiss Garden, Kuantan

#10 The Pool







-Back to College-


Return back to college,
My last semester for my Diploma,
Which is not what I'm looking forward too..
Still have not decided yet whether to continue my degree,
Don't feel like studying anymore..
Not motivated to study..
Wanted to work and earn some bucks
So yeah,
Still thinking about it..
-Hopefully I get to make up my mind before my semester end-
Have a great day L o V e S
With much L o V e S,  
~you know you love me~

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