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Friday, February 10, 2012

Itsy Bitsy From CNY 2012

I know CNY has come to an end since 4 days ago,
However, I was a little caught up with my back to college mood back..

Is a little insane thingy for me as I was in kinda long CNY holiday..
So is sorta hard for me to kick in my study mood~

This year CNY is one HOT & HUMID one ever~
till now I'm still feeling it..

On the first day of CNY is one-stay-at-home-eat-and-drink-like-nobody-business day for me..

My visitation starts on the 2nd day of CNY,
went to my grandma's house where all my aunts & uncles will be there too..
Later that evening,
went to visit my aunt (dad's side),
more uncles & aunts..
Having dinner together before we leave KL to Johor..

I'm off to Johor on the 3rd day of CNY with my family & relatives..

#1 Mua on the way to Johor..~ 

#2 Patrick is in da haus 

#3 Checked in to Tune Hotel room~
@ Danga Bay, Johor

#4 Small but comfy~


#6 Girl in the mirror LOL

#7 Standing on the bed LOL

After checking in,
rest a little while & now off to
Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)

#8 JPO

#9 Get myself some little thingy~
yeah! is LITTLE! but cost BIG 

The next day which is the 4th day of CNY,
off to Singapore for a day to visit my aunt..

Unfortunately Tune Hotel have no more bus tickets to Singapore..
Thank God
My dad has his connection~
is actually friend of his 
The bus drove us into Resort World Sentosa

#10 In da bus, on the way to Singapore

#11 MRT @ Singapore

#12 Mizz Rebecca in da haus

#13 Another SMALL treat for myself that cost me BIG..

17 of us got the whole bus to our own
that's awesome or what?!
The whole day in Singapore is hectic & a lot of walking done~
But I salute their MRT system..

The ONLY train station in Singapore..
I wish KTM was like that too~
or like our own LRT 
#Will be very happy already..

Oh well,
I would want to go back to Singapore again

On the 5th day of CNY..
Back to KL time~

My CNY was pretty much like that,
other times is like visiting or stay home..
Killer weather is insane..

In the end,
all is good..
Got to met my aunt after 8years..
Should take more picture..
No camera with me..

Note to self:

There's my CNY for this Dragon year..
How about yours?

With much L o V e S,


~you know you love me~


  1. Haha. Happy belated CNY wish. Anyway, do you get enough angpow? You seems going not few places.

  2. Hey hey~! :)
    LOL not much la.. older i get the less i get.. hahahah!!


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