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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Paul Frank Store Opening at KLCC

Hey y'all
Am back for more updates! 

Hating the feeling of packed schedule and can't update my post on time

Thanks to my honey, Valerie
I got to attend
store opening @ KLCC
as a blogger
*lovin' it babeh*

Venue: KLCC, Level 3 (next to TGV Cinema)
Time: 10.30am to 12.00pm
Date: 10th March 2012

Here is it !!
*drum roll*


#1 Wake up in the morning, feeling like P Diddy!
*kidding much*
Dolled up for PAUL FRANK!

#2 Julius in da haus

#3 Thanks to Michelle and Valerie for the invitation!

#4 With MHB's Girls

#5 the Paul Frank store

#6 The grand opening!

#7 Is officially open!

 #8 Adrian with Julius




#12 Limited edition Paul Frank T-Shirt
*Julius is conquering our Twin Tower!*

 #13 Me want this pillow

#14 Adrian and Mua

#15 Emma and Mua

#16 Honey, Valerie and Mua



#19 Valerie, Julius, Mua, and Emma


#21 Liang and Adrian

#22 Liang and Mua
*big smile*

 #23 Julius and Emma

#24 Instagram Collage

#25 Complimentary from Paul Frank!

It was an great experience,
go visit the Paul Frank store!
Its their second store in town

With much L o V e S,


~you know you love me~


  1. Hey, you are so welcome! i hope you enjoyed! I love all your photos, honey!! <3

  2. Lovely pettit_mom: yeah! he is! :D kept dancing around ;)

    Valerie: Yup i did enjoy so much~! hope we can have the chances to attend more event together! <3


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