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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Vow Preview Movie Screening


Thanks to Nuffnang
for the movie screening passes for the movie
'The Vow'

Venue: Cathay Cineplax, e-Curve
Date: 20th March 2012
Time: 9.30pm

Has been talking about it since January..
can you believe it

The trailer was going viral on Facebook since January!
So yeah,
Here is it!

 #1 Movie Screening passes
*Thanks to Nuffnang*

Paige (Racheal McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) married for years...

 #2 Paige and Leo very much in love

#3 They got married
*simple and memorable*

I should let you guys find out where they actually got married

This couple's relationship was put into challenge when Paige and Leo got into a car accident, and Paige was seriously injured that causes her to lost her memory of being married to her husband, Leo but her last memory she remembered was being engaged to her ex-fiance, Jeremy (Scott Speedman).

 #4 Paige is trying to remember by arranging photos into a timeline

When, despite his effort to make his wife to fall in love with him again, Paige doesn't recover her feelings for him, Leo has to decide whether he should move on with his life

#5 Leo putting effort to make his wife to fall in love with him again

This movie is based on a true story~

Is a very touching movie,
I cried when I watch the movie,
Lucky, Adrian did not saw I cry while watching the movie

This  movie is more for "couple"
It makes me think
"what if this happen to me?"

What will you do if this were happen to you?

Totally recommend to watch it!
Is in cinema already

#6 1x Limited Edition 'The Vow' PU Leather Notebook,
1x Limited Edition 'The Vow' Memory Photo Book
& 1x Limited Edition 'The Vow' Cube Notepad

Thanks to Nuffnang again for 'The Vow' merchandises

With much L o V e S


~you know you love me~


  1. I want to watch THE VOW but was havent time since busy at work.. I am waiting it in red box or netflix...

  2. Lovely pettit_mom: oh i see, maybe u can booked those tickets and go watch it over the weekends :)watch it with ur husband ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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