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Monday, April 2, 2012

Attitude Towards Fashion

The world we are living is constantly

What we want or what we have 5 years ago won't be the same as what we want NOW..

Fashion is one of the many changes that have me change my perception on FASHION too..

Looking fabulous and presentable!

When I was younger,
all I wanted is to look presentable and nice according to what I think is nice..
Which at that time I know nothing about fashion at all..

Last time clothing is expensive to get,
so is better be your own designer,
buy the fabrics and sew it ourselves..
*designer in making*

But now,
clothing is more affordable which you can get it from physical stores to online stores..

The cheaper the clothing the better because by having the same amount of cash, I can buy more clothes..

Now I find out more people goes for quantity rather than quality.. I can say I have more clothes comparing to the amount of clothing I have last time..
Do you?
I believe so 

I will buy clothing, dress and all if it looks nice
no matter how much it cost!
* shopaholic much*

Loving fashion so much,
always try to get updates,
exchanging ideas with friends
and make the best out of it~

So I think I should be spending and shopping wisely rather than shopping blindly because is cheap..
It helps to reduce wastage as well
*Happy Earth*

So what's your attitude towards fashion?
do tell

I dress to enhance my confident and allow me to have a proper look according to occasion and events..
Of course attending fashion shows it one of the highlight of fashion week..
It will be cool if one day I can be a trendsetter like
Victoria Beckham
Blake Lively
and many more..


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“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.” ― Marilyn Monroe ♥
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