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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is Out and About


I sounded as I've gave birth to a baby!

Which is SO FALSE !!
What IS OUT is my final semester for my diploma!!
Is was a long hours of waiting, nervous, laughing my ass of with ze babes which I dearly missed, and couldn't imagine what will my result be..

Is it bad?
Is it just a passing CGPA?
I just couldn't wrap my head around those thoughts..
So I decided to be silly and cheerful to but those fear thoughts away..

And due to excessive of sugar rush!
Mizz M and I just got hyper at McDee !!
Uhhhh.. Good times, good times..

So yeah,
Exactly 3pm !!
It was a chaos in the library..
which is super noisy which normally no library will be..

So today was an exception!
What can I say more?

I truly thanks God for all the encouragement words from the bible (and yes! I'm a Christian), wisdom and awesome mosome friends I'm blessed with !!

It is truely the highlight of my week !!
and maybe this Friday too !!
will be hanging out with ze babes, all of them !!

enough with my result,
I might not get 4.0 as my CGPA
but at least is a little bit higher than I expected..


This week has been an interesting week,
(I think most of the week of my life)
but yeah,
I guess I'm always learning,
I do mean constantly learning about

What we think we are,
might not be in some other situation,
Who we think we are,
might end up being more AWESOME because we have great friends that just do sh*t and still love you..

I will be that friends forever,
however, I wish ma babes and dudes,
will do the same !!


Till then,

With much L o V e S,


~you know you love me~

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