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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Love | Does Mr. Right Exist?

Is love equals to money?

Love = Money?
Money = Love?

When you have more Money, you will have more Love?

in this generation,
Money plays an important role in our lives,
in some cases, it slowly becomes a key to unlock a 'heart'..

What do you see in a guy which make you like him,
and eventually fall in love with him?

I've recently watched this video and I would like to have a say in it..

Does Mr.Right exist?
How do we define Mr.Right?
Where can we find Mr.Right?

I think...
Qualities that a men should have are

- Healthy -
A guys should be healthy as in, know how to take care of his health, have a right diet, at least play one type of sports (stay fit) & love swimming (a plus point there *wink*)

- Chivalrous -
Being a gentlemen is definitely important!
Is a first impression a girl/lady/woman looks for..
No females will like a guy which is not gentlemen..
I don't know should consider myself lucky or what but all the dates I've been to, all of them are gentlemen..
which know how to treat a lady~

- Patient -
 We girls definitely have mood swings,
therefore patient with us & it will definitely pays off!
And, patient knowing, understanding & figuring out us!
Always keeping things cool, will not just pissed off over small matter~

- Hardworking -
Work hard to achieve their goals,
to earn/support their own living,
earn money!

- Grooming -
Looking presentable is IMPORTANT!
No guys are ugly, just lazy guys..
sounds familiar?
If a girl will spends few hours getting ready, looking good, smelling good,
It will be fair if guys would take a little time to groom themselves..


What qualities that men should have?
What do you think?

Would love to hear yours

Have a lively Wednesday!

With much L o V e S,


~you know you love me~

1 comment:

  1. Guy with patient , sense of humor ,gives surprise unexpectedly ,healthy and I'm agree with your points on the guys too . Likewise , money can't buy happiness . Maybe for materialistic girls? Haha !


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