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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



With the beautiful DJ Hiloco and DJ Patricia K!
Performance by Psycusix
And ECX (Elecoldxhotz)!

DJ Patricia K

DJ Hiloco from Japan! 


ECX doing their thang! Awesome performance~! *clap clap*

Oppa Gangnam Style~! 

It has been sometimes, I heard about ELEVATE,
but this time I got to experience it!
Thanks to Don,
I got the invites to

Don & Mua

And this time,
ELEVATE invade MALACCA last Saturday!
It was held at the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC)!

Indeed, is my first time
traveling out of KL
for a PARTY!
*now you know how awesome it is*

It was an exclusive event because not everyone can bring in cameras, and have front row table~
BUT we do!

It was a great night partying,
mingle around,
party with friends~
Where is my P-p-party people at?

Joey G & Patricia K

Ryan, Rachael, Jocelyn & mua  

DJ Hiloco & Don

DJ Hiloco & Mua

DJ Hiloco with Adrian

Samantha & Mua

Beautiful Zana & Adrian
Group shot~

The lovely couple Ryan & Rachael 

Joey G & Mua *I dont care if my hair failed on me* LOL

Adrian & Don

Kelvin & Mua

Rachael & Mua

Mandy & Mua

Him & Mua :)

Mua, Adrian & Samuel 

Jocelyn & Mua

Adrian, Rachael, Ryan & mua

Love the lighting on the floor!

Look who I bumped into! @Cashtellow!
Playing with the fish eyes lens!
Photo credit to Nelson


Last picture of the night~ LOL

Yours truly * OOTN * with my VIP pass! ^^

Looking forward for MORE!

Photographs thanks to Adrian & Samuel (

Have a great Tuesday~

With much L o V e S!


~you know you love me~

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