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Friday, January 25, 2013

#WLA ♥ | We Love Asia Music Festival 2013

Music is still actively playing in my head !!

I'm talking about We Love Asia Music Festival @ Sepang International Circuit !!
I don't think this is my first rave party,
I definitely enjoyed myself~

Acting silly with Jaz Khai with the glow stick (confiscated item), pretending to be in the star wars :D
*iPhone photo*

Because I look forward for it to relax
and party hard !! 
Beginning of January,
right after my Aussie trip,
is a dead REALITY CHECK because I got 2 assignments to get done~
Didn't have the time to compile all of the pictures (Aussie trip) from boyfie (bcoz didn't see each other for 2 weeks! What a torture!)
-Aussie updates will be next!-

The Hello Kitty glass is a TOTAL RANDOM thingy~! hahaha
Selca moment - during the journey to Sepang!

So yeah,
back to the awesome rave!
When I first heard about it and knowing who's coming to performance, I was so trilled and already start planning with my friends and all
*biasa lah, overly excited*
Almost jeopardise my assignments~
*lost focus*

19th Jan - Day 1 for #WLA rave
Famous artists - DJ Antoine, DJ Ferry Corsten, Yolanda Be Cool and Taio Cruz !!

**Photo credit to Adrian Photography 
Jaz Khai **

Excited!! :D

The two guys I hang out with that night! :)
Thanks for the pictures & awesome time!
♥ you guys!! 

"You spin my head round right round" :P Thanks to Jaz Khai for the picture! ^^

Thanks for driving me, accompanying me, tolerate with my mood swing (not feeling well) and partying with me! :D

Sadly, didn't manage to bump into some of my friends there,
can you imagine how big is the place?
Bumped into few friends!
Great catching up!!

I missed out Day 2 of #WLA rave~
Famous Artists - Joachim Garraud, Red Foo LMFAO Party Rock Crew and Steve Aoki !!
But I saw many pictures of friends posted!
Jelly! but I always believe there's always next time!

Hope you had a crazy weekend like me if you had missed out WE LOVE ASIA MUSIC FESTIVAL!
Hope you enjoy the pictures here! :)

See you the next rave party?

Chinese New Year is coming soon!
I want to shop !!!
Gotten your New Year clothing and cookies yet?

Have a great Friday!

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