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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013

The most happening & exclusive party in town
Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 
-new Signature Race Party-
And this time is at
Subang Skypark!
last saturday~

It is definitely last minute,
I made it for the awesome event,
Thanks to Leng Yein for the pass!
#Totally make me a happy girl#

# With Rachel babe~
Never get bored of their photo-booth!

# With Ashley babe~

I was literally too excited for the event,
For the first time,
I forgot to bring my camera! >.< *argh!*
#Epic failed for a blogger!#
Oh well, 
That not gonna stop me for having fun!

The night was filled with awesome music & most of all,
my favorite, Johnnie Walker!
There were cocktails made using Gold Label Reserved and Black Label~

Selca time!
Opss~ Is photo time~ 
Well, didn't manage to take much picture..
Here is some from those awesome people & photographers!

# With Diana

# With Ashley & Vivian

# With Adrian Ng

# With 3 beautiful ladies

# Ryan, Rachel & Me~
I photo-bombed them LOL

# Pauline, Rachel & Me

Credit to Nelson

# With Zana, Charissa, & Julie
 Credit to Nelson

# With Donovan

# With Reshmonu~

# With Rachel, Jackie and Benjamin being excited for Johnnie Walker

# Credit to Benjamin Foo

# With Kelvin Sing

Indeed, an awesome & epic night
Definitely looking forward for the next event!

Thanks to Jaz Khai Photography, Rachel, Jackie, Benjamin, Nelson, & Kelvin Sing for the pictures
*hopefully will have more photo coming soon*

My accessories &amp outfit of the night!
*Thanks to Rachel for the picture*


Stay tune till next time~
Have a great Easter Sunday to all!

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