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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Makeup with Girlfriends - KISS ME

How's your weekend?

The "making" of this video happened one week ago, It was kinda hilarious to me, as I never did video shooting before, so I did the video with another two girlfriend of mine~ Yeeing (Rachel) and Ashley! We had crazy fun, as we are blur and ideas are popping out after every takes :P

# With pretty Ashley!

Two beautiful girls along side with me, having fun dolling up ourselves and each other, with our all time favorite brand Kiss Me! After I've tried several of their products range, from lips, eyes, lashes, and cheek~ I LOVE IT! ^^

# With pretty Rachel (Yeeing)

I did a simple video editing *please don't laugh* as it was my first time doing it~ [promise will improve in the future ^^] Here is my humble, short video with my girls

Special thanks to Jaz Khai & Adrian Ng
helping us on the day!

Is definitely an experience I never thought I will go through, thanks to Yeeing and Ashley too~ You girls are awesome! 

Hope you all like the video~
Stay Tune!

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