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Friday, May 17, 2013

Makeover with Mary Kay

If you have not read my previous blogpost
here is the link

Mary Kay is celebrating their 50th Anniversary,
However, their recent contest "One Woman Can" is closed.

Here is my story of my makeover with Mary Kay,
definitely felt privileged because throughout the whole makeover session, I've learn so much about Mary Kay the brand itself, their products and also the "actual" way of taking care of our face "properly".

Well, now I know, I've not done it the right way

Here is my make over session with Ms. Suzana from Mary Kay.
Well, she is very friendly and approachable and I was pretty nervous because I don't know what to expect at first.

We had a random chit chat before the makeover session starts as well as she's getting prepared. 

Ms. Suzana brief me about the product of Mary Kay,
as well as knowing more about my skin by asking me to fill up a form.

Trying so hard not to laugh looking at myself

Then she show me how to take care and wash my face,
using the right technique as well as product.
Moving on to makeup which I have to D.I.Y, 
there's where I learn from Ms.Suzana as she guided me.

if you all doesn't know, I rarely or don't uses eye shadows especially colorful one,
I will always used earthly tone which is flexible for day and night look.

With Ms Suzana's recommendation two eye shadow colors that can have a smokey eye effect.

the before and after look....

My "before" look

My "after" look

Thanks you Ms. Suzana!

Happy TGIF L o V e S,


  1. wah! you look so gorgeous! oh my! look at that ribbon blush! so cute!

    1. Thanks Sabrina ;)
      Yup! I love the ribbon blush too~

  2. Wow love your eye make up! I went for the makeover session last week too hehe :D

    1. Hi Yuh Jiun!
      Thanks to Ms.Suzana! Cuz I'm mono-eyelid so smokey effect definitely will do the trick ;)


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