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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Cray Cray Weekend! ❤

Finally I got sometime to update my blog

Selca using Samsung Galaxy S4 "Beauty Mode"
No edit needed y'all! ;)

I know today is Tuesday,
but I will still ask this
"How's your weekend been?"

I know I had a cray cray weekend!
But of course it was definitely a fun and crazy yet hectic weekend for me!
And I had the pleasure of having Samsung Galaxy S4 for a week plus~

Had only 8 hours of sleep for the passed 48 hours
Went for a beauty workshop held at Bangsar!
Avene x Vanity Trove
last Saturday,
I didn't bring any fancy camera.....
*epic failed*

But I was lucky enough to have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with me!
Is slim and light, without burdening my bag..
Using their camera with many different mode to choose from.
*Put the camera in action*

There is Drama, Sound & Shot, Dual Shot, Beauty, Animated, Best Shot, Eraser, Panorama Shot, Multiple Shot and so on~

This is so clear even is a zoom in photo~

Instagram this photo #lunch

Took many more picture too~
Later that night went to Shogun @ Solaris Mont Kiara
to celebrate mommy's birthday and early Father's day celebration~

Instagram this photo~

less than 4 hours of sleep I got to get up for a another cray cray day!
Sunday was so sunny~
Already feeling the heat as early as 9am!

Still can see the object when the background is too bright~

Hanging out with a brunch of funny people~
laugh non stop the whole day!
will it wont be me if there is no picture taken using Samsung Galaxy S4!

Caught in action *selca* SMILE ;)

Spend the rest of the afternoon and evening @ i-City 

Instant editing when you take a snap shot.

Can't get enough of the beauty mode~ LOL

It is such an experience with Samsung Galaxy S4,
*all photo above is taken with S4 without edit*

But now I'm back with my phone/camera,
is quite difficult for me to get used to my phone/camera again~
Now I feel my phone is small and heavy~

Is funny,
normally I will use 2 different app to edit or crop the photo before uploading it.
=.= Well, my all time favorite is the beauty mode!
This is why, I don't need to edit and just upload it!
Come on!
Who wouldn't love it!

Happy Tuesday LoVeS


  1. Hehe my weekend wasn't that cray but it was well spend with my family (: Have a good day, Sandy! :D

    1. Hey hun!
      well, that's good to hear you have a great family day ;)
      have am awesome day to you too babe~ :D

  2. Replies
    1. LOL is not mine.. It belongs to a friend :D

  3. S4 front camera so nice! So good lorrr :(

    1. Yeah babe~ is so clear and is not blur :)
      Good for selfie :)

  4. lol. good thing is to get to try the new phone. bad thing is that u have to return right after u get used to it! >.<

    1. Lol that's right~
      but I'm glad that I got the experience it ;)


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