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Monday, July 1, 2013

ChatON Official Media Launch

Last Friday night,
Yeah we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot!


Just trolling with you guys!

ChatON Official Media Launch @ The Butter Factory KL

Last Friday evening was the highlight for my week~
ChatON official media launch took place at the heart of Kuala Lumpur at The Butter Factory KL,
where they will unveil its brand new TV commercial and announcing of its upcoming partnership!

Can you can guess?? 

Yes, is Starbucks!
Add Starbucks as a "Special Buddy" in your ChatON app 
& Starbucks will offer users the privilege of enjoying special promotions.
Simple as that.

Got excited to see Starbucks! ;)
Each of us got a cup!
*credit to Dustyhawk*

Dance performances..

*credit to Dustyhawk*

The lucky 6 got themselves a Samsung S3 mini!
*credit to Dustyhawk*

The Best Dress contest! ;)
2 male & 2 female Winners walked away with Samsung S3 mini!
& others have Starbucks vouchers!
*credit to Mike Yip*

ChatON, now available in 62 languages in over 200 countries, comes with a host of innovative features to add zest and color into everyday conversations!

W/ the beautiful girls- Julie & Diana

Halloween came early this year!
w/ the adorable Michelle 

We got to pause & smile for photo session

Small table can't fit all plates~
w/ Samuel, Joanna, Mike Yip, Julie, Diana & Michelle
*credit to Mike Yip*
Chatty the official mascot for ChatON app~

With the MC of the night!
Liang that got us laughing non stop! :D

Too many pretty girls with me!
w/ Julie, Diana, Michelle, Elvina, Ashley, Yeeing, Belle & Angeline

Of course, with the man, Don!
Gwiyomi & acting silly w/ Samuel
so not me!
I tried my best to do that

I don't what pose to deliver anymore! LOL
w/ babes Diana, Ashley, Yeeing, Angeline & Yukiko~

Did a little magic trick in the last pic!
w/ babes, Yeeing & Elvina~

W/ Jaz Khai!

Lastly, group photo!
Tons of fun with this bunch of fun & awesome people~

Thanks to Manoah and Samsung Malaysia
for the invite and to be part of the official media launch!

So what are you waiting for?
Download yours now~
ChatON works on Samsung Apps, Samsung Bada, Google Android, Blackberry, MS windows mobile, Apple IOS!

For multimedia and more detail information please visit

Add me! [] Let's chatON lah~ 

*Photo above are credit to Jaz Khai Photography, Mike Yip, Dustyhawk & my own*

Till then, 
Stay tune..

Have a smiley Monday ya'll
Smile away those Monday blues


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Don! Really appreciate that~

  2. wow cool party! haha and syok lo those winner that get to win the s3 mini!

    1. LOL yeah lo~ so jealous! :P
      Is nice to see people dress up! creative!:D


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