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Monday, July 15, 2013

Drop Like It's Hot With Glenmorangie

I love Friday!
Don't you agree with me?
Well, who doesn't love Friday?
Here's what happen last  Friday.

okay, I'm not sure whether it sound right or not, but who cares!
I had cray cray fun and it was my first time to attend Glenmorangie event!

Thanks to Manoah & Glenmorangie Malaysia for the invitation! 

Arrived at the venue which was at Neverland Club Kuala Lumpur around 10pm ish~
Got our swag on with that..
Oh well,
the night pretty soon started like I expected too!
With the pretty girls and handsome guys..

Non-stop performance throughout the night~
and there is some picture of the night!

w/ Joanna, Ashley, Yukiko, Cindy, Yumi, Julie, Samantha & Jessy

Thorn among the roses :)
Ashley, Joanna, Me, Yeeing, Yukiko, Yumi, Julie, Ben Dan (KahMon) & Charmaine
with Ashleigh 

Simon, Ryan & Nate

Presenting you with the Glenmorangie yo!
Got photo bomb by Ryan~ LOL

Ashley, Me, Ryan, Jaz, Yeeing & KahMon ;)

W/ the sexy in red~ Julie 

Ashley got her swag face on & Yeeing's super excited face!

The pretty Zana and the man Don

Eric got his swag on with Jaz

W/ Yeeing a.k.a Rachel 

w/ the man Don~

W/ Ashley 

Yeeing, Me, Jaz, Ashley & Yukiko 

Later that night, DJ Roxy June took over the stage

Us girls giving flying kiss~
Thanks to Manoah & Glenmarangie Malaysia 

*Photo credits to Jaz Khai Photography*

The night was filled with performance, mingling around & networking with friends, music and nevertheless with Glenmorangie. 

Had so much fun till I forget I wasn't feeling well,
okay, maybe that's the reason why I was acting "weird"
LOL *just kidding*
Glad I made it for the event.

Till then,
Stay tune,
Stay awesome.

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