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Monday, July 22, 2013

Get Rid Of Your Monday Blues

is Monday already~

Woah! July is almost coming to an end,
time really flies..
oh well,
we got to live our lives to the fullest..
Never regret what made you SMILE

Recently I've posted (few pictures) of my colored contact lens,
I know I'm not that into contact lens when it was so popular during my high school years.
I always have phobia of eye infection or something horrible will go wrong..

Early this year,
I decided to give it a try,
I started off with a clear contact lens.
It is almost feels like you're trying to poke your eyes!
After a few attempts I've got used to it.

Previously, I've posted on my Instagram a photo of my colored contact lens which is the FreshLook Colorblends in Brown.
*Playing safe with the first color*

Looks can be different not only by what you wear (outfit), accessories, bags and shoes.
Dress up your eyes too!

Do I look scary here?
Got my new contact lens last week - FreshLook ColorBlends in Sterling Grey.
and decided to play (wear it) with it~
I definitely look different (maybe because I'm fully aware of the contact lens).
Happy with the color!!
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Happy *No-More-Blues* Monday!

Till then,
Stay tune,
Stay Awesome.

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Twitter: @SandyRyanG


  1. haha so good can play with different color of lenses

    1. cannot! i got phobiaaaa! i scared i will poke my own eyes!

    2. wont de :)
      practice makes perfect!

  2. Good Day! Nice Blog! Keep blogging!
    (Clicked on your NN adverts) ✿◕‿◕✿

  3. Thanks :D
    <3 you too have a nice day!


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