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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cut and Color @ Chezz Technique!

I manage to squeeze sometime out to blog!
Well, here is just one of it!

Been stressing a little as my proposal dateline is this week,
and my house Internet modem decided to suicide last week!
*coincident much!*
Long story!

Last Wednesday,
I finally CUT & COLOR my hair
at Chezz Technique
At last, cutting off my split ends and color my uneven color hair!

My hair color is copper orange + a little red color~
So it wont be too bright..

Now my hair looks healthier and fresh!

Waiting for my turn...

After cutting & dying my hair! 

Do let me know if you visited Chezz Technique!

Phone: 603-79602676 , 603-7600010


Happy Wednesday L o V e S!

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