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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop

Happy Midweek to all lovelies,
is already Wednesday (night)...
Time really flies, full speed ahead!

is never too late to share with you all makeup junkie out there~
Thanks to BCL Malaysia x Manoah for the opportunity to attend this makeup workshop few days back (on Sunday).
And of course learning some makeup tips from a professional makeup artist himself, all the way from Japan!

We were well seated at our own makeup "station"
I have 2 babes seated both on my right and left!
Mizz Joanna & Mizz Angeline

Well, of course there will be picture of what we have in front of us to experiment with..
*evil laugh much*
Well other than shopping and mega discounts,
makeup/cosmetic definitely attracts girls attention
(it definitely attracts me!)

Mr. Tanabe, who is a professional makeup artist from Japan!
How lucky we are,
having a professional to teach us on makeup tips that suits each individual face features.

Mr Tanabe & his assistance for the day.

we have Ms. Yoko as our translator,
and at some point,
I think understand Japanese a little (with the help of their body language)..

We had the chance of asking Mr.Tanabe questions which he will gives his opinion.
All the girls including me, had so much fun experimenting and so much laugther..
Reminds me of when small girls playing with their mommy's makeup and having tons of fun!

Eye-shadow in the form of Pencil!
Convenience to bring it wherever you go!
Gel Eyeliner in a form of pen

Liquid Eyeliner

Facial wash that contain scrubs that can be use daily,
it feels smoother and whiter (tested on my hand)

My favorite is the Eye shadow!
Is so portable..
No more heavy vanity bag..

Her makeup is done by Mr Tanabe (the finish look)
Does she look Kawaii? :)

A little treat for us,
Thank you BCL Malaysia!

Now BCL products are available at SASA's outlet!
Anyone is already using BCL products?
remember to --> #BCLMalaysia on your Instagram and Twitter!

Never missed out

Of course,
Go LIKE their Facebook Page to get more updates of their products and tips!

FB Page: BCL Malaysia
BCL Japan


Shameless selfie! >.<
Since is a KAWAII makeup workshop~
I shall entertain you all lovelies!

I don't think I can pull off anything that is related to cute or kawaii.. #EpicPhail
More update coming up real soon!

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Good night!


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