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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chezz Technique | New Hair Color, New Look

Is already weekend,
and this will be a long weekend because Monday is a public holiday!
*Malaysia Day*

Previously cut my split ends and colored my hair

I think by now,
most of you all have notice my new hair color..
*previously I did my hair & here is the post ---> CLICK *
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TADAA~~ Done bleaching..

Mei Fong did some end curls to make it looks has more volume to it~

Lovin' it! *Flipping my hair.. Weeee~~~*

I'm loving my new look which is done by Mei Fong from Chezz Technique, super friendly and funny person!

It looks like ombre, don't you think?
No surprise, actually I bleach it..
Normally (or mostly) will say that bleaching is very bad for your hair..

Mei Fong has consulted me about it,
she uses the medium strength bleach to bleach my hair,
which takes a little longer time,
but it won't damage my hair 100%..
But of course,
taking care of the hair after bleaching, coloring, straightening or perming your hair IS A MUST!

The final outcome!

 After a week,
I went back and did one more time bleaching and a treatment (at least one a month) which is to restore your hair.

After I bleach the first time, I took extra care of my hair *of course look pretty and have nice hair too*
I got few comments from my friends mentioning that my hair doesn't look dry, like what they will expect after bleaching.

I'm so happy with my hair and new look that come with the changes of my hair color.
Well, GOOD NEWS is Chezz Technique has a new saloon opens at SS 17 Petaling Jaya!
I've heard that Mei Fong will be there over the weekend~

Is Q Hair Works,
22, 1st Floor, Jalan 17/54,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Notice: Closed on Monday.

Phone No: 03-79316168
*Call to make an appointment is recommended*
(Look for Mizz Eda)

Go LIKE their FB page to get more and latest information as well as promotion!
FB: Q Hair Works

Now they are running a new promotion,
Bring a friend along and get 70% OFF from the total bill!
That's super good deal or what?

Sharing is caring!

So go LIKE their FB Page and bring a friend!
EASY right?

Planning to visit there soon!
*mention my name -Sandy- to entitle for 30% off*
Let me know if you have visited Q Hair Works,
love to hear from your experience there

Happy Weekend L o V e S!

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