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Monday, September 23, 2013

We Love Asia Music Festival 2.0 2013 | Sepang

Hey y'all L o V e S~
How's your weekend been so far?

Monday blues started to creep in to me,
*although I don't have class on monday*
but couldn't bare the thought of MONDAY IS BACK!
I wish weekend will be longer and weekend be a little shorter!

A short update here on a happening event to kick start my September.
OMGeee mode on~
Is already September, time really do flies with a full speed ahead~
*Pls slow down a little*

We Love Asia 2.0!!
Too bad missed out the Friday lineup~
But I did enjoyed myself to the max on Saturday!
With awesome music and good company,
what else can go wrong?

Pumped up my energy while on the way to Sepang LOL

We have 3 stage to go cray cray at~
Visited all 3 stages and end up at the main stage
Thanks for Mr. Adrian Ng for driving and pictures!
Too busy "rave"-ing that evening~
Manage to get some photo captured..
This time they have a FUN PARK,
is like a mini amusement park..
Interesting huh?

Did not take my #ootd LOL
top - H & M
shorts - H & M
mini bag - Nine West (gift)
flats - Vinnci
(randomness, normally no #ootd one -.- )

With these bunch of party people!
Armash, Mariah, Catherine & yours truly. 

Thanks to Armash for the photo :D

Taboo rocking the stage! :)

So many confetti LOL

Well, that evening till late, was well spent~
Got caught in the rain,
but no worries!!

Thanks to Manoah for the passes.
And Happy 3rd Anniversary to Manoah!
*confetti and more confetti*
Stay Awesome!

May you all L o V e S have a great week ahead,
S.M.I.L.E because it can make a little different in your day or circumstances~


  1. Awww. I wish I can go but too bad i was away from KL. Wasted 6 passes! :(
    Anyway can see through ur blog also. Not bad lol

    1. Awww.. I see.. I hope they will have another round :)
      Thanks babe :)

  2. This blog is very helpfull for a person .your blog is so impressive for anyone to see it . I am impressed to see this blog.

  3. nice!

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