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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AES EXPO | Hair & Makeup Olympics Competition 2013 | KL Convention Center

Happy Tuesday L o V e S!
Today is a public holiday, so enjoy to the max, chillax with friends and family or just go out shopping!

Have you read my previous post?
If you have not, below is the link!
---> Beauty 13 Expo <--- b="">

Well, AES Expo and Hair & Makeup Olympics Competition took place at the same venue as Beauty 13 Expo!
If you had pay attention to to my previous post,
I did mention both of these (well, if you don't get it maybe because I didn't mention it so obviously) :P

AES Expo stands for Asia's Premier Esthetic & Skincare Exposition 2013. Aesthetic described as a group of philosophy that commerce with the nature of art, beauty and taste thus, with the creation and appreciation of beauty. 

Nowadays many consumers states the essential of holistic beauty experience, so AES Expo 2013 is going beyond to gather the best of the best beauty, skincare and esthetics professionals in the region's beauty industry.

AES Expo is where exhibitors and visitors can meet. Exhibitors can showcase and build awareness of their elitist brands, services and products to keep ahead of an ever-evolving competitive industry. 

Furthermore, is easier for visitors to reach out to the global beauty industry within a single location.
When all are gathered together at one location, the chances of establishing product and service brand names, developing potential partnership, and launching innovative and new products and services. 
With such interactive environment, exhibitors & visitors can benefits from AES Expo's marketing, public relations and branding activities.

Beauty Expo & AES Expo, like I've mentioned in my previous post, there were competition as well! It is the Asia Pacific Hairdressers and Cosmetologist Association (APHCA) The 17th Asia Pacific Hair & Make-Up Olympics Competition!
Definitely a great platform for all makeup artist & hair stylist to grow and gain experiences thus, all participants are from many other countries.

The 17th Asia Pacific Hair and Make-Up Olympics Competition is a yearly event organised by APHCA in different countries around Asia Pacific region. The purpose of this competition is for the local and international talents to showcase and exchanges new knowledge, creativity and ideas with one another as well as it helps industry player to be updated with the latest trends and styles.

Participants for this competition comes from 13 different countries which consist of Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan & Thailand.

This competition took place on 7th of Oct, from 10am to 6pm which consist of 8 rounds of competitions:-
* Ladies Designer Hair Cut
* Men's Avant-Garde Hair Cut
*Evening Elegant Hair Cut
*Bridal Hair
*Ladies Designer Make-Up
*Evening Elegant Make-Up
*Bridal Make-Up
*Fantasy Make-Up

Their makeup and hair styling is so awesome inclusive of their outfits too!
Congratulation to all winners!
*above are some of the photo taken that day*
With 300 contestants and over 90 judges from the region,
this is something not to be missed by industry player!
Be sure! YOU, if you're in this industry, join their annual competition the next round!


~Have a great day~

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