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Monday, October 14, 2013

Beauty 13 Expo | KL Convention Center

How you lovelies handling your Monday blues?
Well, I guess not many of you have Monday blues, if you think of tomorrow!
Because is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!

My Monday blues started to creep in since I woke up on Sunday morning...... *sad right?* because I've start my new subject for my current semester, and is 8.45am class.....

I guess blogging will cheer me up
If you all beauty junkie out there, I'm sure you have heard to Beauty Expo right? Did you manage to go for it?
Well, to be frank, this is my first time ATTENDING, definitely heard of Beauty Expo..

As Beauty 13 Expo is one of the most anticipated annual beauty event in Malaysia where it took place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center at 4th Oct - 7th Oct 2013.
Over 500 specialist from 23 countries gathered to showcase their premier products, over 10,000 products on display from local and international exhibitors inclusive from Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan.

It is so much easier for visitors like us to be where everything is gathered at one location!
There are few categories such as Beauty Salon Spa & Wellness, Hair Products & Equipment, Nail Products & Tools, Packaging, Contract, Manufacturing & Private Labeling and Make-Up Education.

Besides, selling & buying as well as trading, Beauty 13 Expo is also a platform for makeup artist where they can showcase their work in taking part in competition which the contestants are from all over the world!

I'm definitely going to their next coming beauty expo!
So many things to see and learn~
I'm not (really, maybe just a little) a beauty junkie but it won't hurt to know more right?

Happy Monday L o V e S!
Stay Tune for more updates~

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