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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon Event

What did you all lovelies do this weekend?
My weekend is kinda boring but relaxing,
stay home chillax-ing and more awesome was my mum went out with her friends!

Saturday oh Saturday,
my memories of last weekend is still so fresh in my head!
Last Friday was the start of the great weekend,
wanna know where I went?
Here is the like ---> Last Friday Night

Last Saturday was the KISS ME Sunway Lagoon Event!
On 5th October, How awesome is that? I can't remember when was the last time I went to Sunway Lagoon, I think is couple of years back!
Thanks to Manoah & Kiss Me Malaysia for this!

What happen when I have small Asian eyes, only have 3 hours of sleeps and the next day is like you have to be running up & down and energetic?
*you'll see it in those photo below*

Cynthia, Yeeing, Mua & Carmen (my plus one for this event! ^^)

Registration at starting at 8.15am
and get our locker for our valuable items and get ready for the adventure of the day!

Our makeup of the day! #motd 

 The mascara, gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner is all waterproof and it is inclusive of sweat too! It is also SWEAT-PROOF!

Using the gel eyeliner, we have little "hearts", "starts" and "lightning" on our cheekbones ;)
Mua, Yeeing, Cynthia, & Carmen

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner is my new found love!
easy application and surprise surprise! It's smudge, water & sweat-proof. 

First briefing 

First task - Get the Sunscreen! Because we girls hate being too tanned ;)
Can spot me? LOL

And the game begin!

Khine & Mua (my lack of sleep face!)

Actually I'm so SCARED! Me no likey you, Madagascar cockroach >.< 

waiting for our ride!

We girls are so happy! Vuvuzela here we go!
Group 2 members - Me, Hilda, Carmen & Khine

So sad that I did not have instant biceps and triceps after the kayaking!
it was so tough to get the kayak boat to go straight! >.<

Had crazy fun!
Then is PAMPERING session after all the "hard-work" we did..
After the game of the day was over,
we girls hit the shower and ready for some PAMPERING TIME!
*Kiss Me definitely know what girls like and love!*

Kiss Me Makeup & Hairdo stations! 


Not to missed out the Medi & Pedi~
Is time for me to rest too!
I think I burn quite a number of calories!

My makeup from morning is still perfectly done~ ^-^

Congrats to all winners!
Here is more photo of the day at KISS ME Facebook page
Remember to LIKE their page to get more updates and fun activities~

Photo credit to Kiss Me & Yeeing

LOL *ignore my tired face, this photo is to show that my makeup is still good*
Even after all the water and sweat (taken @ 7pm)

Thanks again to Manoah & Kiss Me
for the fun day~
And I make new friends too!

Have a great Sunday L o V e S!


  1. it was a very fun event for us girls. :)

    1. Yes! We girls definitely enjoyed ourselves~!
      Would love to attend in the future if they organize it again! :)

  2. lol luckily u didnt faint in the pool. =p

    1. LOL! Henry! Well I"M LUCKY I guess! hahahah
      I have bad stamina that's why is kinda tiring for me to run one end to another LOL

  3. My makeup lasted until the wee hours of the next morning HAHAHA :P really long-lasting.


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